Who We Are


We are an Investment Holding and Asset management Company that renders strategic Services within the Global Yachting Industry. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Yacht Design

  • Boat Building

  • Charter Marketing & Sales

  • Asset Management

  • Fund Management

  • Yacht Brokerage

  • Fractional Ownership

  • Currency Hedge Investments

  • Forex transactions

  • Sinking Funds

  • Private Equity Funds

    Today Vantage represents a company comprising yachting industry specialists, investment bankers and global partners that have positioned the company to become a disruptor and industry leader. We pride ourselves on our knowledge but remain humble and committed to providing our clients with a superlative service because, our customers are the lifeblood of our business.
    Our ambition is to be a life-time partner to our Customers by combining simplicity and innovation with empathy and care along the entire customer journey, at all touchpoints and channels.

    Our investment opportunities represent something very special because they encapsulate our passion and dedication to our industry. We love to share this with all our stakeholders!

Our History


Insight, Inspiration, Intelligence.

We broke the mould, we changed the rules and nothing has been the same since. Our brand has become synonymous with the most spectacular yachts and an irresistible lifestyle. All backed up by our unique grasp of the Business of Yachting.

Our Board is collectively responsible for our long-term success, and for ensuring that the Group is led within a framework of effective controls.

The Board sets our strategic direction, approves our strategy and takes appropriate action to ensure that we have the resources we need to achieve our strategic aspirations.

The Board considers the impact of the decisions it makes, and its responsibilities to all our stakeholders, including colleagues, shareholders, regulators, clients and suppliers, as well as to the environment and the communities where we operate.

Our Values


We strive to better understand the needs and expectations of each client and to consistently deliver the best solu­tions. We are client driven in all of our actions and our employees are aligned with this focus. Our approach to issue resolution is collaborative with our clients and we use this approach for every decision we make. Our absolute focus is on our clients and on providing the highest level of service to them.

We believe in being the best in everything we do. We value a persistent focus on results, accountability and goal achievement.
We distinguish ourselves through the work we perform, the standards we hold ourselves to and our single-minded focus on customer service.
We are committed to delivering value to our clients. We accomplish this goal through a disciplined approach in everything we do; by welcoming change, by seeking out opportunities to become even more competitive and by attracting and retaining those employees who are dedicated to succeeding above and beyond the status quo over the long term. Our focus is on continuous improvement and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We expect high performance from both our people and our teams.

We are committed to the continual development of leaders. We accomplish this by supporting our employees along the path of their personal development and expansion of their capabilities. Our culture encourages sharing and collaboration to develop high performing leaders who are focused on results and give their best to promote the company’s success. Positive examples are set so employees can invest in each other as they share knowledge and ideas. We believe in the importance of building diverse teams and in the advantages of gender equality.

Employees are our greatest asset and form the foundation of our success. Our people make us different through their focus on service and their dedication to achieve it. Their enthusiasm and expertise creates value for our clients and enables our company to grow.  This is why we value our employees above all else and acknowledge the power of diversity, both in cultures and in opinions. We strive to create a work environment where employees are challenged and are respected, recognized and rewarded for the value they bring to the company and its’ clients. Remarkable people achieve remarkable things.

We treat others as we would like to be treated. We value the dignity, diversity and individuality of everyone and welcome different ideas, approaches and styles. We promote a working environment where everyone feels respected and valued and we treat others with dignity and are respecting of their individual differences, feelings and contributions. We seek to understand and welcome these differences to construct a more diverse and effective organization in which these differences are respected and valued through listening and understanding. We feel that respect for each other is just as important as respect for our clients and our business partners. We treat each other with respect at all times, even if we have different views on matters.
Discrimination or harassment, of any kind, is not tolerated.

Our company culture values and promotes teamwork through collaborative efforts and develops productive working relationships based on mutual respect. We value cooperation and the presence of partnership, working together and caring. We win as a team, putting the business ahead of any division, department, or individual interests.

Trust is the faith and confidence in the honesty, integrity and fairness of an organization or individual. It is the expectation to behave in a certain way. We feel that this is an essential human value that defines and determines our relationships with others. It is crucial to both trust others and to be trusted by others. We provide a workplace that is fair, honest, open, and family oriented. Employees feel at ease and self-assured in offering solutions and know that their ideas will be considered.  Trust is built by listening, following through and keeping our word.

These above values are the foundation of our culture and behaviours and are the pillars of our client focused service.


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