VANTAGE LAND SEA SKYLTD is one of the world’s leading independent, pure-play asset managers. We provide active investment solutions and products for institutions, financial intermediaries and private investors.
We are an independent global asset management firm built by investors, for investors. We excel by focusing on truly active management of differentiated investment strategies. With a 35-year heritage, we invest our clients’ capital using active strategies across discretionary, systematic and specialist solutions. As our industry evolves, we develop new products with global appeal and attractive returns to access new pools of client assets and to adapt to our clients’ changing needs.
By focusing on superior investment returns, a differentiated product offering, global distribution strength and operating efficiency we seek to deliver sustainable growth for all stakeholders.



Our chief priority is meeting the needs of individuals and corporations who choose to invest with us. We pride ourselves on the high level of engagement with each client. To this end, we do not endorse the products of any particular third-party institutions and only promote products that provide our clients with the most consistent returns. Our approach is based exclusively on our clients’ unique situations and investment objectives.


Each client engagement begins with an in-depth discussion of the individual’s unique situation and objectives. Fusing this insight with a thorough assessment of current market conditions, our financial specialists independently select the most suitable investments. We work with each client to clearly define an agreement on the appropriate capital allocation structure between investments and ascertain whether more secure frameworks and/or various dynamic securities will offer the returns they desire. Client needs are paramount.


The assets entrusted to VANTAGE LAND SEA SKY LTD are not restricted in any way. Clients are free to withdraw part or all of their invested capital at any time without incurring extra costs.


Specific investment strategies are guided by the specific aims of clients. To meet these goals, we manage portfolios that encompass investments in three different asset classes:


We specialize in assessing and evaluating fixed income securities, investing primarily in high-yield corporate bonds.


Our investment specialists carefully select companies that are currently undervalued and pay steadily high dividends.


If clients desire, we can invest a portion of the managed assets in alternative investments. These encompass investments in hedge funds, property, commodities and/or private equity funds.
What we Do!

Our Divisions


Vantage Equity Fund: Our fund allowing investors to acquire equity in Vantage Land Sea Sky. For South African investors this is the perfect vehicle to hedge against the diminishing value of the ZAR. For global investors, we offer superior returns and the opportunity to prosper via a multiple revenue stream business that is building a luxury brand with a 5-year exit strategy.

Vantage Fx: Our currency trading division capable of facilitating the most cost-effective transactions.

Vantage Combo-Link: Our Superyacht investment linked to other alternate investments that provide guarantees with a very impressive upside.

VANTAGE SUPERYACHTS is a unique vertically integrated business whereby we own and operate a fleet of Superyachts to provide bespoke luxury Yachting vacations.

VANTAGE SUPERYACHTS will secure and grow a significant market share of the global $50bn Yacht Charter market which is currently highly fragmented, poorly marketed and administered and shackled to a fleet of yachts which are privately owned and offered out for rent purely as a mechanism to offset the significant operating costs and therefore always subject to the uncomfortable relationship between yacht owner, yacht charterer and charter broker.

While VANTAGE SUPERYACHTS will disrupt the existing Yacht Charter model, it aims to complement and grow the industry by leading the way with a new business model and unrivalled experience.

At the centre of the VANTAGE SUPERYACHTS proposition is to vastly enhance the utilisation of the Yachts as assets and increase current industry utilisation rates of less than 15% to over 50% by being able to manage the use of its own assets rather than pander to a private yacht owner.

The opportunities provide by scale and this new business model will see the creation of a hugely successful business over the next 3-5 years which will be ripe for a sale or IPO (Initial Public Offering).


To own a fleet of Superyachts and deliver the most memorable and unique yachting experiences in the most desirable locations on the planet.


- Build the single most respected and well-known yachting vacation brand in the world.

- Make yachting vacations more attractive and more accessible for the world’s burgeoning Ultra-Hi Net Worth Individuals.

- Deliver truly unique and memorable yachting experiences for our clients • Operate the world’s only wholly owned fleet of dedicated charter superyachts

- Deliver exceptional returns for our shareholders

VANTAGE LEISURE & TRAVEL is committed to provide unique journeys that can electrify the senses, grow the mind and cultivate the heart of the sophisticated traveler.

We are like a movement that differentiates itself, moving away from standard tourist itineraries to private tailor-made journeys which are stimulating and offer true to life experiences. The difference lies in what you do, rather than just what you see. You live the experience and not just look at it. It’s all about authentic cultural immersion and meaningful engagement with the place you are visiting, its people, cuisine, history, culture, art, heritage, lifestyle and customs. We provide you with the most incredible and complete Superyacht Travel Experience which begins with your initial contact with our travel firm. We give you access to the vast knowledge of our internal travel designers who are at your full disposal. From the moment you contact us to after you return home, we ensure that your voyage is original, perfectly planned, and one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your wishes and needs. It is our quest to unlock the extraordinary treasures of ravishing lands and skillfully unleash its wonders into the lives and souls of our welcomed guests. With travel designs beyond the ordinary we only wish you to Live the beauty, history, culture and mythology in the most sophisticated and imaginary setting of the World.

Vantage Leisure is headed by Stefano Alfano who has an in-house team of highly experienced charter brokers, marketeers and client relation personnel that market, sell and manage superyacht charters.
We are not just about Superyachts as we have decades of experience within the Catamaran and Gulet industry and can design the perfect vacation anywhere in the world. For those that love the water, we can introduce our clients to the world’s premier River Boats.

When it comes to water-based vacations, Vantage Leisure will far exceed every client’s expectation.



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Our Leadership Team and our Employees are our Greatest Asset and form the foundation of our Success. Our people make us different through their focus on service and their dedication to achieve it. Their enthusiasm and expertise creates Value for our clients and enables our Company to Grow.


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