Current Opportunities

Vantage Land Sea Sky LTD

One of the greatest challenges facing South African businesses and investors is the volatility of the Rand.



The historical diminishing value of the South African Rand is a reality that needs to be addressed.

True wealth must be measured against a basket of first world currencies!

We provide an opportunity to invest in Rands and earn in Dollars creating an effective hedge against the unpredictability of our currency. We accomplished this with “Stainless Steel Tank Containers” (FirstCorp Merchant Bank & Trencor JV) and we did this when we built a fleet of 142 charter yachts that earned our investors hard currency returns. We are now introducing Superyachts as an asset class that aims to protect the hard-earned wealth of all South Africans. We intend to dominate this global industry.

The global Superyacht charter market is highly fragmented and opportune for disruption.
Vantage recognized the opportunity to redefine this industry and has spent five years developing a vertically integrated business model that can challenge the current status quo.

We aim to own a fleet of Superyachts and integrate charter marketing and sales as well as yacht management into a commercially viable structure that owns the entire value chain.

Currently boat owners charter their yachts to defray operating expenses…this done through gritted teeth. In most instances, owners utilize their yachts during peak season thus severely restricting the potential for charter revenue. Charter Brokers charge a whopping 20% on the charter rate as a commission and during peak season demand outstrips stock. There is no focus on the guest experience.

With our own fleet we can achieve rentals in and out of season with the added advantage of offering per day and per cabin rental options. All our yachts are centrally managed and equipped with every conceivable mod-con and toys that position Vantage to provide superior experiential vacations with an absolute focus on the guest experience.

Our product offering adds Private Jet travel and Luxury Land Based Vacations to the value chain enhancing our returns by generating multiple revenue streams. We are building a “Luxury Brand” with a 5-year exit strategy via IPO or Trade Sale that represents superlative returns for stakeholders.